These little amazing feats {by those little amazing feets}

This is pretty much what my week outside of work looked like:

These little amazing feats {by those little amazing feets} keep me in awe. She can't walk, but she can scale a computer tower? C'mon, Mabes, stop with the growing for just a little while, mmkay?

If you read the above chat, you'll know that my plans for this weekend aren't plausible, but I sure can dream. Here's the thing: I have chambray tunic {bottom pic, top left corner} and I loved it 20 lbs ago, but now it's too big and frumpy, not in a casual beach bum kind of way. More like Mama Mu mu. I think I'd like to take it in and make it tie around the waist.

I also have an almost-identical shirt to the green plaid, that i didn't love 20 lbs ago but it was cheap and it fit {note to self, not a reason to buy a shirt} and still don't love. I'm thinking I might like it better if it were more shapely with a kerchief neck like the striped version from Steve Alan. (Both shirts on left from Old Navy, i can't remember where I saw the one on the top right though. . . Ruche maybe?)

Do you ever redesign clothes from you closet? Whatcha gettin' into this weekend kiddos?

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Erin Lang Norris said...

I have had intentions of clothing redos but i never get to them and end up sending said clothes to the thrift store instead. it's my house rule- if something that i own is irking me or stressing me, it's gone. i thought it would be hard to do, but i love it!

oh! but i HAVE shortened a ton of tank top straps. i must have a short upper half of a torso. it's so freaking weird that i have to do this all the time. i'd love for a tank to just FIT already!

and it looks like you've got a future rock climber on your hands, hey? ;)