Cute First, Honest Second

Sometimes the cute needs to be shared.

Although there weren't *quite* as many naps this weekend as I would've liked, there were a few. And there was time spent outside, cucumbers, okra and peppers picked, fertilizer made. I applied greensand to the gardens, something I've never tried before. Everything looks so spindly, and since I preach the gospel of gardening, I feel a pressure to do better.

Here's the not-pretty garden from the beginning of the season. Currently it's over taken with crab grass and veggies.

Mind you, it's not an overwhelming pressure. I do it because I enjoy it: the learning, the successes, and even the failures. Maybe it's time to document the difference.

"Pretty" isn't usually the term used to describe my gardens. I've heard "peaceful" a couple times, and I'm happy with that, but the plants aren't the lush full plants you see everywhere else.

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