Inspiring Bits

At the beginning of a new process I have a whole bunch of pieces spread out in front of me. If it's a drawing, the pieces are usually pens and markers. If it's a sculptural work, the pieces are usually found bits of inspiration. Way back when I was doing a lot of embroidery I had bags of scraps of fabrics. It took me a while to get out of the habit of saving any scraps that might become a robot eye or leaf.

There's a new project on the horizon that has more to do with my education {fibers} than I'd ever thought would happen. It wasn't my idea, either! Even better? I've roped a certain Swingin' someone into joining me on the journey.

So how's that for vague? Here are a few pieces in front of me now. . . any suggestions for my virtual inspiration board?

Credit where credit is due: Both necklaces shown are by Kristen Randall, aka Mood Swing Studio, Repeat digital images and embellished skirt by yours truly, and fantastic blue a-line dress (and amazing fabric it's made from!) by Milk From a Thistle.

PS--My first week on the new personal challenge and I was down another 1.4!

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Jeana Marie said...

oooh, whatcha doin'?

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