Week One {Weak One?}

It's weigh in day, but that won't happen until after work. . . so let's just ignore that ugly little fact. Anyone out there joining me for the fun?Okay, maybe I won't really ignore what today holds in store. I'm kind of worried that I didn't lose as much as I'd like this time. See, I didn't really write about this new goal until Monday but had decided on it last Wednesday, right after my weigh-in. I'd lost just under a pound and knew that if I wanted to really lose the weight I better start taking it more seriously. So there's a voice in the back of my head already telling me I've let myself down and this is only the first week! ACK!

I have been thinking of Wednesday full body portraits, you know, a little extra motivation. We don't have a full length mirror in our house, so I don't actually know what I look like. Full length self portraits would fix that, don't you think? Or is that just sadistic?

So yeah, I'm not going to dwell on it. {Right.} Maybe distracting myself with the thought that these shoes will arrive on my doorstop today sometime and wedges are supposed to be instantly slimming, right? Wedges. From Toms. That's better than a silly ol' 2 pounds, right?

Yeah, right.


Sarah said...

Yes: sadistic! Worrying about your weight is enough pressure I think. Plus, isn't it best to only loose portions of a pound at a time? I feel like I heard that the pounds are more likely to stay off if you loose them in small increments...or is that me just rationalizing? Good luck tonight!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

From what I've heard you're more likely to keep it off when you lose less than 2 lbs a week. . .which I'm definitely doing!I think the good thing about stretching this out over such a long period is that you get the chance to really learn new behaviors for healthy living.