Today I'm going wild over on Modish, won't you join me?

And, oh yeah, vote! Then go back to this page, click on the facebook link and vote again! (Did I mention vote?) I'm kinda sick of the whole social-media-voting-creates-extra-advertising method, and I'm so sorry I sound like a broken record asking for votes all the time. For this particular cause it's really the only way to get funding to get it moving forward. After this, I swear it'll be a long time before you hear me say the ugly little v word again.

On the walk to get the elder flowers in today's Modish post we passed a Linden tree that was, quite literally, abuzz with bumblebees and honey bees. When we got home I put the hive in place, ready for the first swarm we find this year. Thanks to Jessica for the link to pictures and videos on how to catch a swarm, plus we have several beekeeper friends who are on call, ready for Operation Honeybee Home. {Pretend that sounds catchier than it actually does, okay? I'm going on limited sleep.}

See you on Monday, have a safe and happy weekend. Anyone got anything fun going on?

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Jessica said...

Are you going to try to catch your own swarm? So exciting! Keep us posted!