I'm a happy camper, brick walls and all

Ever work on a project and invest heart and soul into it, only to run into a brick wall? Not just a brick wall, but a rebar reinforced 200 foot tall polished brick, no toe hole, nothing to grab onto, can't see over the top brick wall.

Seems Mel Chin is the man in the superhero costume, but he's also way up there at the top of the brick wall.

So. . . a few things to cheer me up: apparently there are many things I love, but I didn't know that I loved them until Anna showed me what she loves {thanks to Abbey for the early morning drool fest}

Originally uploaded by yoso tattoo (www.yoso.eu)

*Sigh* If I ever am brave enough to get a tattoo, I think something like this would be amazing....AMAZING. See more of Yoso's work here.

And! My favorite favorite favorite jeans are now on clearance, so I've got an extra pair headed my way in a smaller size as more inspiration for shrinking the waistline! (And today is weigh in day...ugh.)

But I also have this coming with the jeans {which would perfectly display my theoretical tattoo}:

That dress + a little bit of sunshine, pushing some seeds in the dirt. . .and I'm a happy camper, brick walls and all.

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