I wish I had great, creative things to say and pictures to post, but our little one grows more mobile by the day, making it difficult to do anything but chase her around. Friday before last C + M + I went and hung out with the Charlotte Arts Catalyst {and Monkey and Squirrel}. The video above is just a little of the goin' ons.

This past weekend we spent at the beach and are getting Mabel back on sleep schedule. Without any pictures to share, here are a few favorite recent finds:
  • Yep--this is awesome and I want one.
  • Also, there's another Mabel, about a month and a half older than ours, and her mama makes awesome stuff.
  • Olive's Friend Pop is like Oliver + S patterns already made! Vintage-y, soft colors and patterns perfect for a little one. No weird cartoon-y pop-culture critters to be seen. {Anyone else think it's funny they put Winnie the Pooh on disposable diapers?}
  • I want to make a tee pee or buy one just like this.
  • Simply Love{ly}

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Sarah Templin said...

I still have my teepee pattern if you want to borrow it. Its not quite the same shape, but...