Who's excited for me?

A dark and dirty secret today on Modish.

And thinking about gentle ways to close doors--selling my work on the internet myself isn't something I particularly enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I love drawing, I love making, I love talking about it. I don't love packing items up and going to the post office, though.

If I could, I'd hole up in my studio {aka my entire house or where ever is most comfortable at the time} and make stuff until I'm under a sea of handmade goodness, tunneling out for a bathroom break. The reality is, Charlie would lose any patience he has left with me.

Without the passion to really want to sell my work, I don't make money off it, which is fine by me. . .so why can't I shut that door? What is holding me back from letting that aspect go and figuring out one that will be rewarding and successful?

Fun things to think about while I work on taxes this weekend. Who's excited for me?


when skies are grey said...

good luck with the taxes! Totally understand the dreaded post office/shipping thing, ugh. And I like the idea of being barricaded in the studio for a big while too :)

kristen said...

this sounds like something we need to discuss at length. perhaps over an adult beverage? soon?

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

wsarg: wouldn't it all be so much easier if things didn't need to go out the door?

mmmm, adult beverages :) I think there might be an opportunity to discuss this very soon, like May 1?