Happy Monday!

I've posted a few area plant sales over on the Indie NC blog. Check 'em out.

This was me on Friday, repainting the Farmers Market sign so it can last at least one more season {hopefully!} I freehanded it, so it wasn't perfect, but I was pretty proud. Anyone else out there ever dream of being a sign painter? Should I add that to my ever growing list of what to be when I grow up?

Even though I use a lot of lettering in my work, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but once I got started I really had some fun. Enough fun, in fact, to let Hi-C snap some pictures of chubby me...chubby me is now down 5 pounds, though! Hollah!

Happy Monday my peeps! What weekend trouble did you get into?


Malissa said...

Nice job on the -5! Your sign looks great!!

Erin Lang Norris said...

Nice work! You should be a Trader Joe's Sign Designer. I heard that it's fun!

Didn't do too much over the weekend, but this wknd we are building a fire pit! I will be at work for the first half of the construction, so I'm counting on Joe to get some decent photos for blog-action.