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Usually this late in the week I make it a point to go out and take some pictures of something so I have something to blog about.
Sorry, not this week, not yet at least. Instead I spent the last 2 days writing an overly wordy plea to Candlewyck Homes' HOA to rethink their love of turf grass.
Wordy is not an understatement, but if you want to read it, it's here. I tried to edit it down to 1 typed page, but my brain was tired from a poor night's sleep and that was the best I could do.
They're demanding Connie Harris to redo her front yard, an in-process native garden and wildlife habitat. Connie's a classmate in Master Composting and asked us all for help to fight the mounting pressure.
I'm sure I'm not taking a popular stand, but there are good reasons to eliminate grass, and laziness isn't one of them. {It's a reason, but not a good one.} I think many people believe homeowners make a choice to abide by rules when they move into an HOA-run neighborhood. Rules like these are made to breed uniformity, as well as to eliminate poorly maintained yards which might attract vermin. Without discussing what's so bad about "vermin", let's think about balancing out our ecological community so there are controls in place for all the living beings. Let's all nicely ask them to rethink their choices, this time with ecology in mind.

If you're interested in writing a letter urging the Candlewyck HOA to rethink their bylaws, I have email addresses I can send you, just let me know.

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Jeana Marie said...

oh! I hope she can keep her garden!