My Mythological Running Shoes

I spent the day yesterday alternating between "chasing" Mabel and moving her back to the center of the room where her toys were {she's much more interested in scraps of paper and stray leaves than she is all the little sensory knick knacks they sell for infants} and printing up a storm. I've got prints to restock in 3 shops but Miss M, who has learned the actual crawl, is moving faster than ever.
Time to break out the running shoes.
{PS: If you believe I actually own running shoes, you're sorely mistaken.}

Clay, Wood, and Cotton
{also, CWaC will be at the Renegade markets with my stuff!}
Little Paper Planes
Renegade Handmade
{they're currently sold out of WatS goods, but we're remedying that this week}

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