Hop on it, Easter Bunny!

Since it's Monday, you should vote for me in the new Spoonflower contest. I'm #6 on the list (click the link and it'll take you to my design so you'll know what to look for in the 10 pages of garden design fabric samples). I'll love you forever if you vote for me every day until the contest ends! Also, the numbers in the list have no rhyme or reason that I can figure; they just list everyone that is participating..all 129 people!

Tomorrow I'll tell you that since it's Tuesday you should vote for me.


Also, if you missed it, I had a fun little post for Modish on Friday--batik inspired transformations for terra cotta pots. You should do some, too!

2 more days to enter the contest--have you become a fan, tweeted, or anything else to enter the drawing? You better hop on it, Easter Bunny!

Happy Monday--did you have a nice holiday weekend? Anyone get outside in the sunshine?

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StephanieD said...

I LOVE these pots! I'm totally making some!