We are getting "there" with the laundry room, but these projects aren't so easy to integrate into a full-time work week.

One of us works on the room {Charlie} while one of stays with Mabel, insuring she doesn't nap too much during the day to sleep well at night.

We've learned just how much mess we can stand. I've forgotten how to talk like an adult.

I've also become a grumpy frumpy mama, still sporting maternity duds in hopes the pre-baby body will suddenly appear. For some reason it's staying in hibernation, so this weekend C and M are going to visit Nana while I go shopping for more appropriate clothes.

The house? Well, it'll probably look just as bad on Monday.

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Jeana Marie said...

Don't feel too bad over the maternity clothes! Baby # 2 seems to have left my tummy permanently in a 20wk pregnant state :( and she's almost 3. Granted I haven't tried terribly hard and other things, but sigh~ it does change the body. Changes lots of things!

Hope you get 'there' before going too crazy! Thinking of you guys :)