It wasn't a fancy weekend, but it was nice

Friday we moved the washer and dryer to their new space upstairs. (Woo hoo! We have working laundry facilities again!) Having a place to do laundry again was the best gift ever.

Friday was also our first 4th anniversary. It also snowed: a beautiful fluffy white layer of precipitation Friday night. Our celebration consisted of take out and sitting on the nursery floor talking and playing with Mabel. She's starting to imitate sounds we make, it's the most amazing experience. I totally get lost in it whenever we start.

Saturday I had a day to myself. C stayed home and did laundry while I read in bed, painted and drew, then went shopping. The maternity clothes can finally begin their new life with someone else. C also got a chance to take his lensbaby out and play in the snow (see pics above). Did I mention I got him a lensbaby for Christmas? Did I mention I'm the. best. wife. ever. for doing so?

Sunday I finished the book I was reading, we worked on the house a bit and celebrated our nephew's 9th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. Skee ball anyone??

We ended the weekend curled up with each other, under heavy blankets talking and giggling ourselves to sleep. It wasn't a fancy weekend, but it was nice.

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