Springtime barely escaped becoming roadkill last week

Springtime darted in front of my car a few weeks ago and I nearly hit it. I swear. But then it did that crazy duck and spin around thing that squirrels seem to do, scaring the crap out of both you and them, then running like drunken fire back in the direction that it came.

But I saw it, and that little glimpse was enough to get me thinking about warmer seasons ahead. It didn't help that Grow Great Grub arrived in the mail, or that I found a copy of the out-of-print cucurbit compendium, The Compleat Squash. They just encouraged, nay, pushed!, me to buy a pot maker and soil blocker.

A few more bullet points on the to-do list: I need to do a little more hardscaping, get rid of the turf grass around the pond and plant more clumps of native sedges and shrubs (which might mean I move my Flying Dragon Citrus trees to another spot) and finally cut down the barely-clinging-to-life walnut tree.

The raised beds need to be rethought. I don't like how segregated they feel. Let all plants interact, I say!

Is there such a thing as non-invasive clumping bamboo? I'd love to have a more sustainable source for trellising.

And some plants I'm determined to try out and/or have success with:
Artichoke {Twice I've planted, once I let the little seedlings dry out and die, the second time the hens took care of them}
Elderberry {I'm particularly smitten with Black Lace, although something with a heavier harvest would be equally welcome}
Jerusalem artichoke {I planted a few last year, but want to leave them where they are. Now I want to plant more in a place I'll be okay with harvesting the tubers}
Jicama {Bought a tuber at the farmer's market just for kicks. We'll see!}
Luffa {the first year it failed, the second year it was a mis-labeled Delicata squash}
Lunaria Annua {Something about this plant reminds me of my childhood and I have no idea why. It's probably a pretty silly plant to be smitten with. So common, but what can I say? I'm a common kind of gal.}
Oregano {I had some in a wooden drawer in the front yard. It got so root bound I think it pretty much killed itself off. Who knew oregano was so self loathing?}
Thyme {Never tried it. I know. What!?! Don't most people start gardening with the common herbs??}
Witch hazel {I want that yellow. in. my. garden. now.}

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