all that mushiness

This picture wasn't even a distant daydream 4 years ago when we got married. We both said, "No kids!" until right around new years of '09. It's pretty amazing how we've worked together, grown(-ish?) together, and forged our own path forward: together.
Now we spend our evenings smiling together as we watch our little one grow and learn, knowing glances, like sharing a secret, of just how happy we both are to have each day together.
Four years ago today we exchanged our vows in front of friends and family in a dairy barn in South Carolina. We drank cheap beer and listened to rock'n roll and celebrated our love in our own special way. . . special (heh) being the operative word.

I knew it was going to be good, this whole you-me thing, but I never imagined it would be this good!

Happy 2nd Fourth Anniversary, Hi-C!

Now that all that mushiness is over--get back to work and finish my laundry room!
(sound of whip cracking)

And for everyone else that made it this far, see you over on Modish later? I sure hope so, did I mention how excited I am to be back?


erin said...

happy anniversary!

yeah. joe and i said "no kids!", too. we've been talking about it a little more lately. i think about you guys when we talk about having them, heehee! because i know you went into marriage with the same mindset.

love to see all this work you guys are doing! can't wait to start on our own (which will be happening within the next couple weeks.)

Emma said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thank you both so much!
Erin, we were so convinced no kids. . .and despite the sleep deprivation, she has been an amazing addition to our lives!