I'm getting into a little groove after "work" to go get the little one, go home and settle in a bit and make art while keeping her entertained {with quick breaks of serious play time}.

serious. play. time.

But when things don't run so smoothly, taking pictures soothes my savage soul. Take, for instance, yesterday: a constantly hungry, growing-spurt little girl that's {still in speculation} teething. Belly time usually can buy me about a 15 minute block of time, but not yesterday, so in between caring and comforting, I snapped some pictures of airplants for my grand return to Modish tomorrow.

No time to work on lighting or do anything grand, but I'm excited about the project and think you'll enjoy it, too. Plus, the competition is getting stiff out there in the indie-design blog world. Seems more and more blogs are adding gardening columns to their content, and I gotta make sure I can keep up! So far the plan is to do lots of tutorials while battling my often long-winded writing style.

If you have a burning plant question, column suggestion, or all-around positive plant vibe, drop me a note or comment and let me know what you're wondering, maybe I can help. And if I can't, maybe Mabel can!

Oh yeah! and you'll want to join me at Modish tomorrow anyway, there's gonna be a giveaway!

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