This weekend I'm off to play with worms... a vermicompost system that will digest 10 pounds of food scraps a day. I can't even imagine, but soon I will.

Perhaps we'll have some time to work on the kitchen.

And I'm already daydreaming of a time {in the hopefully near future} when I can own an original collaborative piece of artwork by Shannon Rankin {selflesh} and Justin Richel. They've just opened an etsy shop called intersect. Stop by and swoon.


Michelle said...

Have fun in your class! I started worm composting last year. I wish I knew of more gardening classes here in Raleigh!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Michelle--I would think the Wake County Cooperative Extension would have a bunch of classes. Also maybe you could join a Bountiful Backyards workshop or two?
Worm bins are awesome! We have one we started in Nov. of 08 (we call it our Obama Worm-o-Rama, since we started it on election night) and I'm amazed at the beautiful compost that comes out of it, as well as the magical "juice"!