Subtle Seasonal Changes

Hello Monday! You're a welcome treat to a very busy weekend. {Hmmm, how often do I get to say that?!?}
We started the weekend off with a holiday party, which spawned a last-minute-DIY-host-gift: homemade coffee liqueur. I used up the remainder of the rum from the vanilla extract project and created what should be a close approximation to Tia Maria. I followed the 2nd recipe here--except! (because there is always an exception, isn't there??) I used vanilla sugar for an extra vanilla-y-ness. The liqueur took less time to make than actually bottling it. I sterilized the bottle and decided to filter out the seeds from the vanilla before it was actually bottled. The "filter" was just a paper coffee filter tucked inside a funnel, which made pouring the concoction into the bottle a very slow process.
Having a home brewer in the house made things easy, though, and Hi C pulled out the crimper and added a cap to the top. I put some natural colored tissue over it, tied a little bow, added a label and listed ingredients, then off we went to drop off the kid at Grandma's and hit the party scene.
Apparently it doesn't take long for the transformation to happen: we were those people at the party that couldn't stop talking about their kid. As the season goes on, the nostalgia and sentiment grow stronger, it's only going to get worse, isn't it? And I'm pretty sure I'm alright with that.

What did you get into this weekend? Any subtle or not so subtle changes of your own? Ready for all the making and doing of the season?

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