Steeped in Rum for the Holidays

Good mornin', friends! And a special welcome to those of you visiting from Sew, Mama, Sew! If you're looking for the tags to download, see this post, but I do hope you'll stay and wander around a while. There are a handful of free downloads listed in the left hand side bar, if you're interested. Soon I'll have a button over there for the gift tag download, too.

Please make yourself at home, open up a big ol' bottle of rum. . .oh wait. . . I need that for my Christmas gifts. Sorry. Maybe some coffee or tea?

Yes kids, it's started. The mad rush for holiday gift making. Actually, I guess it's not much of a mad rush since Christmas is still 5 weeks away. At 5 weeks, I'm not sure the vanilla extract will be fully developed, so I added extra beans to the mix--anyone know if it'll work?? I hope so, I've got 6 cups of rum invested in the matter.

(5 weeks??!?? Okay, now we can begin the mad rush.) Since I've tried and tried in the past to make all my gifts, but still don't have a 100% success rate with that, I know I need a back-up plan. Sometimes I just don't get around to the special little details I have in mind. Take, for instance, the labels for the tasty little food gifts I'm making. I want to draw the labels, but that will be the last thing I get around to, so if I don't I've made up these pretty little ditties to have on hand just in case.

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Jen said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely downloads! You have a lovely blog!