January is here. . .at least in spirit

I have to admit I got a little geeked-out excited about the January illustration and Hi-C has already claimed it as his favorite.

Also, there's a show coming up at the Cat's Cradle and I've got tickets to give away! Anyone in the area interested in going to see St. Vincent? She's playing October 7 at the Cat's Cradle with Andrew Bird. All you gotta do is leave a comment {and be sure to leave a way to contact you if you win!!} stating why you should get to go.

And just so no policy police crack the whip on me ;) Beggars Group/Matador Records are actually giving the tickets away, just through me. But really, in my mind, you can't go wrong with any of their musicians and I loved St. Vincent before they got in touch with me. . .'cause I don't promote things unless I believe in their quality.

My love can't be bought.

Let's open the gates and comment away!


Jessie said...

I've heard Andrew Bird is amazing to see in person... wish I could go!

Love that January illustration, too!

TranscendingScape said...

yo holmes.. i think either 1)you and i should go together ...
or 2) (and even better) i should come over soon and we can listen to the albums over a cup of 1/2caf.

.. or both

Tiffany said...

This illustration is by far my favorite as well--incredible!

stephanie said...

i must admit, i'd never listened to st vincent before, but after your post this morning, i hopped onto rhapsody. and wow. thanks for introducing me!