Fridayness and another GIVEAWAY!

Hello Friday! Today's my last day at work before Maternity Leave begins. Maternity Leave, people. As in, when I come back to my desk I'll be a mama. Weird.

As I dive into motherhood, I'm still holding onto those last few bits of rebellion {Ha! Saying that out loud seems to discount any authenticity, doesn't it?}, including adding the occasional "punk" cd to my collection. It makes the drive into work in the morning a little less--errrr---ummmm----corporate?

A recent audio introduction to Titus Andronicus has helped me stay in touch with my inner 19 year old choker wearing, teal haired self. I have to admit the first listen made me laugh, thanks to an onslaught of cussing for cussing's sake {What!?! The F bomb makes me giggle!} But the more I listened to it, the more it took me back to the days of shows and smoking cigarettes, pretending to be tough while scoping out potential boys with full sleeve tattoos. Yum. Ok, I digress.

But I'm going to *hopefully* have a newborn to tend to when these guys come to town, and as much as I daydream of bygone days, a newborn at a bar doesn't seem the best path to healthy motherhood. . .

But lucky you! I have tickets to give away and you can go and rock your socks off! Plus, you'll get a free 12" of The Innocents Abroad: Live in London, 23/02/09! Sweet vinyl, oh how I love thee.

Comment below to be entered to win. . .and don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you!!


Amy said...

I like to win contests. But, I don't know who this band is, so I really don't deserve the tickets. Congratulations on your new baby. I discovered your blog today from WaxMama.
Amy amy@bellebags.com

Amy said...

Opps! I'm a month off! Haha! I hope someone made good use of the tix for the concert that was LAST month!