The Guest Room Unveiled

I fought long and hard to make a built-in day bed for the guest room, but since I'm in no position to hoist a hammer {much less find the energy to find the drill and all the bits, the wood, or table saw} I have to go with what Mr. C deems possible.

In the end I love it! We used the same twin bed my mom {then I} slept on as girls, bought a new, super-luxurious pillow top mattress for it, and painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Harmony (no-VOC) paint in a silvery blue white called Frost White. Apparently in the sunlight it looks more beige?

Then I decorated with things we had around the house:

the same curtains I made a while ago out of 2 Avon Home table cloths,
a quilt made by Charlie's great aunt,
$12 typewriter table from Craigslist,
lamp we found in the attic,
10 cent train engine from Value Village,
letterpress prints from I'm Smitten,
drawing by Julianna Swaney {aka Oh My Cavalier},
and the most luxurious lavender filled pillow from Radica
{the fragrance just makes you want to melt into the bed with a good book followed by a lazy Sunday afternoon nap},
a rug from Target bought on clearance {not something we had around the house, but a good price and the perfect colors!},
and a {borrowed from my brother and sister-in-law} Playskool Glider Horse
that one day Mabel will grow into.

Off to the side, there is a tall, narrow bookshelf, mostly empty aside from our growing collection of classic, thrifted Golden Books, where we'll leave guest towels and some empty shelves for unpacking {the room isn't big enough for a dresser}.


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

It looks great! I especially love that bed and rug. Perfect.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

thanks lady! we've taken to sneaking naps in there. . .it's just so cozy.