These are the joys of expecting

Less impressive than building a bed but still impressive to me, I put in a new thermostat this weekend. No, I didn't get to building that bed. Instead I turned off the AC unit and blower and stood in the getting-hotter-by-the-second upstairs, fully unprepared and started the process of changing out thermostats. Then realized I needed small pliers, went downstairs, got them. Oops, my screwdriver was too big. Back downstairs, new screwdriver. Still the wrong size. Dang. Begin search for as many screwdrivers as possible to avoid going down and up the stairs any more. Find appropriate screwdrivers, accidentally cut the rubber coating on one wire, need electrical tape. Back downstairs, back upstairs. Sweat dripping down my face and belly.

Off come the clothes. I know, probably too much information, but that's my uniform around the house these days--just a bra and skirt, lookin' really sexy with my belly jutting out. {Did I mention I've been receiving "Wow! You look ready to pop!" comments pretty much daily now?}

In the end I got it installed and dramatically collapsed on our bed like a beached {and blindingly white} whale. When C called to check in on me {he was doing a freelance job} and let me know he was going to see some of his friends for a little while, I turned on drama queen mode and let him know he had to come home and take care of me. Maintaining his never ending patience with my hormones, he came straight home and did, indeed, pamper me.

8 1/2 weeks, my friends. While I have lapses in judgment about doing this again a few years down the road, I immediately turn my thoughts towards tubal ligation post labor. The helpless feeling, low stamina, peeing every 10 minutes, heartburn laden, hormone roller coaster experience of pregnancy is not for me. . . The cute, gentle, tickle-y, kicking, frolicking kidlet in my belly, though, has already made me glad I've tried it at least once.

Waddling off to turn the air down to 70. Happy Monday folks! What did the weekend have in store for you?

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