Birthdays come around and I like to tell everyone it's so-and-so's birthday, go out and buy (or make) a fancy cake and generally add to the festivities. That's not so easy on the internet.
So a long distance internet cheer is due~

Happy Birthday Jena and Shannon!

Um, yeah, I totally stole these pics off their flickr accounts.

In honor of the birthday kids, here's a few Leo inspired finds on etsy:
Pure Vintage Gold's Leo badges, DKNG Studios Iron and Wine poster, Daily Memorandum Lion Planter, or maybe just a little fun with a Vintage Lion Water Gun?

Back to work for me. . .or maybe it's nappy time. Any other good lions out there that need a birthday shout out?


Gayla Trail said...

'm a leo too! Love the water gun.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

oh man! I missed it! Happy belated Birthday!

Kate F. said...

Love the Leo stuff! My husband (7/31) and I (8/1) are BOTH Leos, if you can imagine.

Unknown said...

Oh thank you thank you!! I LOVE that iron and wine lion poster. Oh, I might have to have that for my new office! You're the bestest Renee!