Our youngest, and biggest little furry sugar dumplin isn't feeling well. He slept by my side of the bed the last 2 nights with a big yellow plastic Elizabethan collar on, but the space between the bed and the wall wasn't big enough for him to turn around so every once in a while I'd hear the collar scrape the wall or the bedside table. Twice he knocked it off, and putting one of those back on a sad little puppy in the dark is a pretty tough task. Combine that with my own bladder the size of a shot glass and it makes for a trying night's sleep.

I guess we can just call that practice, huh?

I wish I had more creative news to share these days, but right now it's just daily living.

How was your weekend?

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Nonna Illustration & Design said...

poor little pumpkin. I hope you doggie is feeling better soon. I don't know what is worse, it scrapping the wall/table or when they lick it continuously. I think all dogs hate these, huh?