When work slows down I cruise all over the internet, often finding my way back to flickr, favoriting things left and right. Above are some of my recent favorites, no real cohesiveness aside from clean, relaxing spaces.

Maybe image 18 was what provoked this recent eBay purchase?

At the time of bidding, I thought I'd turn it into a bathroom rug by backing it with a cute vintage towel and doing some sort of fringe border (or pom poms??)

I might still, I can't decide.

When I was a little girl I was crazy about horses. I still find a lot of inspiration in them, but the desire to become a jockey or vet or anything that would keep me near them daily disappeared when I learned those careers took more effort than simply loving them.

What are you fave-ing these days?

credit where credit is due (the mosaic up top): 1. tingantings, 2. kitchen, 3. by the campfire, 4. a word about heavy lifting..., 5. 3 bears, 6. moss stitched star jar top, 7. greens, 8. 212::365, 9. acorn whisper bottle, 10. dripping porcelain whisper bottle stamp, 11. obx: blue door, 12. late july garden update: greenhouse, 13. late july garden update, 14. desk, 15. Melanie Porter, 16. The Laundress of the Lace (detail), 17. Bibi's Room, 18. from my horoscope, 19. My verandah!, 20. sample, 21. welcome!, 22. Dilly Beans, 23. spoons, 24. Garden, 25. Celeste's room

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Erin Lang Norris said...

i faved (and bought) some shoes from zappos. i don't do that much...

other than that, i'm mostly faving photos of interiors. as always. :)

side note: favorite would have never had so many variations if it weren't for the internet. :)

i like horses too. i am always tempted to throw some apples to them whenever i drive by horse farms. i wonder what the horses would do?