The other Cuba (not the Show Me the Money one)

Last night C and I caught most of Revolucion: Five Visions, and it was extraordinary. The film itself was ripe with visual interest, but the history is what I found most interesting. The stories explained Cuba's past to me in a way that none of my high school text books ever could.

Although she's not Cuban, she is a photographer extraordinaire. And she's also a Leo! Ms Gayla Trail has some fantastic images of Cuba on her flickr site. They capture the mood, the vibrancy, the culture and the seeming (perhaps Americanized generalities implanted in US culture) ironies of life in Cuba. Needless to say, each and every image is beautiful and startling.

But to send further praise her way, word on the street is that Grow Great Grub is now available for preorder! You Grow Girl has been my go-to gardening book for years, so this is hugely exciting in W&tS world.

* * *
Other Leos out in internetosphere?
Kate Flaim, Girl Reporter (go to her blog and drool.)

and the fabulous Marianna, whose photos are beyond intriguing.


Gayla Trail said...

Oh Renee! This is both hilarious and touching. Thank you so much!

I will have to look for that film.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

You're very welcome, and yes! Check out that film if you can, it was really fantastic!