It's way past time to get in gear and make room for the little critter. . .the stretch marks seem to be racing up my belly these days. It wasn't so long ago (2 days ago?) they were just a few little spots on the underside. Someone please pass the Vitamin E.

Prairie Gun's nursery is pretty dern adorable, not too kidsy and not a Disney character in sight!

Abbey's nursery (see it featured on Spearmint Baby) is also perfect, but I wonder if we're too cluttered to ever get our space so nice?

So yeah, if anyone wants to send over an empty dumpster I could use the motivation!


Jessie said...

That *is* a great nursery! Have you finalized your color selections yet? I just may know someone who likes to make sweet little things for babies ;)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Haha, yeah, finalize colors. . .umm. not really. The walls are navy and i'm going back and forth between pistachio and pale gray. The bedding is Dwell Studio Circles (at least the first set before life really sets in). . .
It's so hard to narrow it all down when I love so many different colors!
But I also love sweet little things for babies. . . ;)