Charlie stays in the keep pile

Hello Monday, ignore my baggy eyes, I'm ready for you.

I think once the new floors were complete the whole house sighed with relief and whatever energy kept me (us?) from getting things straightened out (and up) seems to have disappeared.

Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of cleaning to do, but I finally made some headway in the space that will heretofore be called the nurdio (nursery/studio).

After waking up Friday with a torrential headache compiled in my right eye, calling into work sick, and sleeping til noon, I got up and looked at green paint swatches. I dwindled 30 down to 6 and went back to bed for pretty much the rest of the day. Saturday Mr. C went on a camping/nature photo expedition and I got up and narrowed the 6 down to two, and then stared at the 2 for 2 hours. I posted the options to flickr for suggestions and immediately decided on the swatch on the right. Off to Sherwin Williams I went, came home with a gallon of Harmony paint and checked flickr to find out everyone else (at that point) had voted for the other color. It's okay, Mabel will be too young to understand flickr for a long time and will never know the superior shade of green she missed out on.

Saturday and Sunday I painted, cleaned, painted, did laundry, dishes, cleaned, painted and cleaned. Charlie came home on Sunday after a poor night's sleep on hard ground at a rainy, soggy campsite. By then my back hurt so bad I sat down on the couch and cried like only a severely pregnant woman can do. I sobbed, I whined, and cried and soaked his shoulder with tears while he sat there, listened, rubbed my back and hugged me, waited for the sniffling to subside and said, "What can I do?"

What did he do? He folded 3 loads of laundry, hung the wooden fruit crates in the nurdio (wall anchors and all), painted the outside of a 2 year old eBay purchase glossy white, stripped the front of the drawers then polyurethaned them.

I sat my painfully expanding hips down on the floor and sorted through the junk I keep around as art inspiration: recycling, trash, donate, keep. Charlie, I've decided, stays in the keep pile.

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Erin Lang Norris said...

I hope you are feeling better today. You are almost done with this whole pregnancy thing! I'm sure it still seems so damn far away, but I just realized you are only 7 weeks out! WOW!

The Nurdio (haha! awesome) looks great. I love the scallops, they are so sweet. And speaking of sweet, C sounds like he's been so wonderful through this whole adventure!

Joe made mention of "kids" and "yard" in the same sentence the other day when I was pointing out where our pond should go. I was like "kids? what kids..." and thought about you, because when I think kids I think pregnant and when I think pregnant I think "oooh, renee....i wonder how she's doing right now."

Anyway. Sherwin Williams, I should stop in there sometime soon. I scratched my entire color palate ideas after realizing that it just doesn't fit the mood that the house carries.

Okay, done with my novel now.