This was a weekend of cooking. My options were to clean house or to cook, and since making messes is always more fun than tidying them up, cooking it was.

The weekend wasn't spent entirely in the kitchen, though an early morning spot volunteering at the farmers' market was inspiring enough to make me want to spend subsequent hours planning what to do with the beautiful, fresh produce we bought. There was a Saturday afternoon nap on a sheet spread out in the backyard, feeding the chickens lots of treats (tomatoes and peaches rank high in their minds), 15 minute segments of straightening up the worst of the messes, and even a little more sewing.

But in the kitchen (and out on the grill) the magic happened. This is where I may disappoint some of you, but after 14 years of vegetarianism* I caved and ate meat. {*The first 10 I was vegan, then over the last 4 there were 4 instances where I had fish, so I guess that's a 364 day a year vegetarian.} Saturday night we grilled hamburgers, and yep, I ate my fair share. I'd been having some very specific cravings this week and decided to give in: cantaloupe, trail mix, banana pudding, and hamburgers.

I have my reasons for caving, and it wasn't an easy decision to come to, but I decided to try it out and see how I felt afterward (not bad and extremely full). I'm still going to maintain a mostly vegetarian lifestyle, eating meat occasionally, and only when I know the methods of the farmers.

If late spring isn't the best time to clean out your cupboards, I don't know what is. The farmers' markets are getting into the swing of things and canning season will soon be upon us. If your pantry is full, where will you put all the pretty little jars you.re filling with fresh, flavorful goodness?

Enter Mommy Coddle's Challenge: a week long challenge to use what you have, rather than depending on quick outings to the grocery store. We're no strangers to this concept around Chez du Sneak, so count us in!

What's on the agenda so far? We so have most of the fixings for these tasty lookin' tacos, and these couscous cakes (maybe with some goat cheese fritters and a salad made of some of the fresh veggies from the market this weekend) both recipes courtesy of C B & J, via Diggin' Food.

So what's on your mind and filling your belly this week? Any fun kitchen exploits from the weekend?


Willi said...

My husband is a vegetarian, I'm not, but I cook entirely vegetarian. It's great! I appreciate my mostly vegetarian diet and enjoy eating a small amount of sustainable, humanely raised meat. It works great for us!

misti said...

No fun exploits in the kitchen, but I do have good ideas.

Is that a banana pudding pie?? It looks goooood!

Jeana Marie said...

'tis alright. you aren't the first vegan/vegetarian i've seen cave!

this might sound grandmotherly, but who knows, maybe the extra red meat sort of iron won't hurt ;)

these bubbies do take a lot out of us - and not just iron!

KDilley said...

I know this wasn't a focal point of your post but the wallpaper in your kitchen is a-mazing!