Last night we continued using up what we have on hand, and thankfully, we'd stocked up on fresh veggies at the farmers' market.

Dinner: local lettuce, store bought but still tasty tomato, onions from the back yard, eggs from the back yard, with the last of some tasty store bought vinaigrette. Then there were couscous cakes (made with scallions and basil from the yard, a little bit of Rhode Island sea salt, and garlic from the grocery store--probably from Mexico?) and goat cheese fritters made by combining 2 types of goat cheese, both locally made and one of which had a smoked flavor battered with crushed pine nuts and bread crumbs.

Aside from all the eating, we've been sorting piles of baby clothes that have been given to us according to size, tossing the occasional onesie into the giveaway pile because, well, it's just too boyish. I'm not sure how we've even determined gender extremes because on the keeping list is a onesie covered in saws, hammers and a variety of other tools (hey! I have my own tool set separate from C's) and another little outfit with a fire truck. Somehow, though, certain things just scream little boy and we will both get tired of people commenting on our little "boy". (Would we correct them? Simply ask why they think it's a boy? Superglue a pink bow to her head to alleviate any gender crises she might have thanks to nosy strangers?)

So yeah, home life. Quiet and exciting times around ol' Sneakville!

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Caroline said...

We have this bad habit of dressing our daughter in blue or brown when we take her out in public. It's not like she doesn't have a whole wardrobe of girly clothes to choose from, and it's not a conscious decision. In fact, I never realize we've done it until someone comes up and tells us what a cute little boy we have. :P