One of my biggest "distractions" (aside from Charlie and Little Belly Critter) over the past year has been a grant project I'm working on with 2 friends. We were originally making a symbolic connection between 3 local, rehabilitative spaces with 3 gardens--connecting our common roots. As in life, things happen, so the project has been compressed to 2 sites, and they're coming together quite well considering we had water restrictions and several other roadblocks along the way. The above picture is a meditation area at a women's center. The bench is for scale, the posts are the gateway into the area, but are actually signposts leftover from the previous tenant. There will be a bench, but one that is more aesthetically appropriate for the spot (and sturdy! The one in the picture has a bent leg, making sitting something of an adventure.)

Then there is the other spot: a shaded native plant garden. This is the "before" image, we've put in about 30 plants, will put in that many more (plus some) but I guess I need to get out there and take some pictures, huh?

I guess you could say my head has been in the ground (rather than the clouds) lately!

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