Since we're on a one income budget, there won't actually be many purchases made at the Handmade Market (I'm sorry other vendors. . .I love supporting you, I do!), but oh what I would do to add this quilt to our nursery! Megrnc will be there tempting me with all sorts of gorgeous sewn goodies, and I will resist. . . at least until we figure out what the future holds.

A shack with no electricity and no plumbing way out in the woods? Maybe so. But hey! We'd stay warm and stylish!

I did get the chance to go get some pictures of the flowers in bloom yesterday (read: actually had the energy). Seems they all bloomed at once. . .and I can't exactly remember what will bloom through the summer, so we'll see!
The picture is from the front bed, where I planted a whole bunch of stuff 3 years ago, but haven't really added any flowers since. As things start to fill out, though, I know it's time to get back in there and add some more. Probably some evergreen plants, because the area looks so drab during the winter. Here it is in full size, and here it is 3 years ago.

Want to build up your own garden this year? How about supporting the little guy. Read all about etsyPHAT (that's Etsy Plant & Horticultural Arts Team for those of you unfamiliar) today on Modish, with a special thanks to Julie of Green Thing for getting in touch with me and giving some great pointers on how to make sure you're not supporting a reseller.

(If this experience with C's job situation has done anything for me, it's solidified the philosophy of supporting small businesses that invest in their employees. That's a trait few corporations embrace, if not actually use, and yet another reason to support the little guy: respect for our fellow creatures. I'll end that sermon here.)

Happy weekend, get outside and get some sun, and if you can't do that, maybe you need to concoct a little homemade sunshine!

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