Catching up on Scoutie Girl, I found the work of Amanda Hughen. That girl is pretty hot stuff, yeah?

Well, I thought we would know what sort of clothes to buy for the little one by the time the Handmade Market rolled around, but, alas, no. If I knew it's a girl, I'd buy a big ol' stack of dresses from April Scott {by the way, I'm all for boys wearing dresses, too. . .I'm not sure everyone else around me is ready for that, though.}

Oh yeah, and this fried "chicken" seitan recipe is what I've been looking for my whole life. And maybe this, too? It might be time to get back to my vegan roots. . .

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brittni of papernstitch said...

so glad you found my post on scoutiegirl about amanda's work. i just LOVE it! how are you doing renee?