satisfying the spring fever phenomenon

My kitty (kitties? Who knows who the culprit is?!) used one of my seed trays as a litter box, and the little seedlings kicked the bucket soon thereafter.

I don't even want to know what happened to the rest of the seedling trays since I happened to forget and left them outside for the one night of frost. GAH!

Today, instead of thinking about those poor little 'maters that'll never make it in the real world, I've been window shopping on the web, looking at pretty spring colors, shapes that wouldn't annoy the crap outta the little critter in my belly, combined with a little bit of dainty. Rebe fits the bill just perfectly. Those big pockets look worthy of a trip out to weed the garden, too!

Then, while visiting a favorite blog-world neighbor, Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks, fell in love with their beautiful new collages of mixed office type papers and envelopes, and styled so prettily with natural objects amidst a seemingly vintage scenery. Not only do I want a collage, I pretty much want the whole assemblage.

For actual news in our little world, my brother and mother are leaving on Friday for a 19 hour flight to the Philippines to (drum roll. . .!!) pick up our newest niece! We've been expecting her for several months now, so the very short week and a half til we actually get to meet her face to face is very exciting!

Anyone been to the Philippines? Have any advice I should pass along? Want to jump for joy, just like we're doing? C'mon and jump!

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Libby said...

thanks so much for the mention of my work! i'm so flattered!