Woo hoo! After digging through the drawers a bit yesterday, I spent the remainder of the afternoon setting the etsy shop back up as a Wolfie and the Sneak clearance depot!

There was an element of time travel to it, finding prints and remembering when different bloggers discovered different drawings and posted about them. Finding old favorites that I'd thought sold out, but nope! There were a few lost in the depths of my disorganized storage system.

I even remembered why running a shop can be so stressful. . .and also so much fun!
I tried to do it in "vacation mode" but etsy must be pretty serious about vacation, 'cause I couldn't see anything or keep on working that way, so it's up and wide open for the world to see.

If you're interested in something, go ahead and get it, 'cause I'm not messing with turning the vacation mode on and off (or activating/deactivating) every time I need to tweak something.
So have at it!

And if you've already visited and contributed to the studio clearance cause. . .thank you!

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