many wonderful todays

Last night I had a little free time, so I made a visual guide to rounded corners for picnik. It's a fairly simple process, but I figured there are visual people out there in web-land that might want a step by step. Plus, I'd promised to show someone how to do it, but wasn't to confident I could explain it through text in an email.

The link will take you to a PDF you can download, or you can see all the images in their original dimensions here, in my flickr rounded corners set. (Creative name for that set, huh?)
Tomorrow I should have a visual explanation of turning your image into a button/link.

Lots of good things are happening out here in Sneaky World--my brother and sister-in-law are weeks away from finalizing the adoption of a darling little girl (this is something that has seemed just on the horizon for several months now); my sister is getting married to her wonderful Joe; and our own little bean in the belly.

So much excitement leaves me with not too much to say, so I'll bid adieu til the morrow lovely friends. What sort of loveliness are you seeing in your world these days?

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