I spent yesterday afternoon starting more seeds, thinning out the lettuce seedlings (sampling the ones that didn't make the cut), and generally enjoying our 80 degree weather.

Yep, a week ago it snowed, the weather levitating just under freezing for a couple days, then. . .BAM! Summer.

The hens are diggin the warmth, too, pumping out eggs left and right. If that's any indication of how the spring will be, we'll be sharing eggs and living on quiche until the late fall!

It'll get cold again, but until it does, I'll be outside getting a natural dose of Vitamin D.

Are you looking for a bit of respiration inspiration?
Heavy Petal: That's one style savvy Canadian
Kitchen Gardeners International: New to me and still lots to read and discover
Sunset Magazine (I'm no where near the zones they cover, but half the time I google something gardening related, I end up on their site. The other half of the time I end up on the Mother Earth News site.)
This Garden is Illegal: Funny and insightful.
You Grow Girl: My #1 go-to site--if you can't find it on the blog, you'll find it in the forums.

A few more fun links for you, today:

The Hidden Seed is a hidden gem, tucked behind Elsa Mora's blog Elsita, you'll find gorgeous images of inspiration (check out her jewelry!), writing filled with openness and honesty, and gorgeous fashion to boot!

Jena just unveiled the long time coming offspring of Modish: Modish Biz Tips. Go over, say "hi!" and subscribe to it. Even if you're a hobby blogger, you'll still learn some ins and outs of working in the system with integrity.


modish said...

hey, thank you for spreading the word about the new site, ladycakes! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm wanting the recipe to that tart. it looks amazing.