form vs. function

Here's a few things I think are super cute:

silkscreen by Kate Banazi, new platter from Little Flower Designs, patchwork pillow by Raeburn Ink, turquoise bowl by perch!, and a new onesie design from Superfantastico that I just might have to get for the little belly bean.

But it is time to stop looking in shop windows, and start looking outside. . .
Spring is close! The birds will start their sex-capades soon, so it's time to start thinking about providing them with clean water, food and maybe even some nesting materials. You'll be glad you did it, and they'll be thankful they can put their energy elsewhere. (These images from photographer Sharon Beals capture exactly how well those materials might be put to use. Amazing!)

If you need a little cheer added to your day, I started a new flickr group of "Cats sittin' like dudes." You got a picture of your little furry one that strikes a couch potato man slouch every once and again? Add it to the group!

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