Little Critter's Cravings: More info on vegan marshmallows than you ever wanted to know. . .

Around these parts we joke about Moon Pies and RC Cola
being a Southerner's birthright. . .that is, until you become vegetarian and shun the gelatin.

For whatever reason, the past couple months I have been craving marshmallows (maybe it was the fireside cocoas during winter dormancy?) but hadn't been able to satiate that craving until I found Sweet & Sara.

I placed a nice little order from them, figuring I'd make the shipping charges worthwhile: 2 packages of vanilla marshmallows, 2 s'mores, and 2 peanut butter s'mores and they arrived 2 days later. They also offer a toasted coconut marshmallow, which looks divine in the pictures, but didn't seem too appealing to the little critter in my belly that seems to dictate all matters that pass through my mouth.

I don't know where I read the reviews, but some people seemed to think the packages were too small for the price. I'd like to state for the record this is not so. They're crammed in there (well, crammed as much as possible while maintaining the fluffy cube shape so desired in a marshmallow) and the individual package is surprisingly heavy for a plastic container of sugary, creamy fluff.

Mr. C opened the box and dove right on into the marshmallows. Wha?! I know, right? I'd been swooning over marshmallows for months, and Mr. Meat Eater went ahead and got the first taste, as well as the second before I got one away from him. Needless to say, marshmallows were the snack of the day.
The plain s'mores were a little less thrilling-C and I split one and agreed they were not great, and not bad. Expect a crunchy chocolate coating, over fluffy marshmallow, but a somewhat bland graham cracker. Really, though, if you've ever had a Moon Pie, they're not really flavorful either, so these are probably one gourmet step up from their famous cousins.

Then Saturday we split a peanut butter s'mores. . .um, heaven. Me, C and the little critter all seemed to agree. We also decided the next plain s'more will be coated in peanut butter before indulging, fo'real. The peanut butter brought out the grahamy goodness, and we all know there is nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate. . .add vanilla marshmallows to the mix and holy crap! You've found vegan junk food heaven!

The downside? The plastic packaging (maybe true cellophane could be in Sweet & Sara's future?) and, of course, waiting for the UPS guy to show up with the next box of gelatin-free marshmallowy madness.


Erin Lang Norris said...

YUM. Those look so damn good.

I was thinking about you yesterday- how have you been? I hope everything is going well with, well, everything.

I bet you guys are getting excited! And nervous...but mostly excited, right? :)

Well have a good one. I'll be around to say hello again soon...

Indescribble said...

Nom Nom Nom. These look great. I've been really missing marshmallows recently too and have been trying to find a vegetarian marshmallow recipe for ages but it seems finding a good replacement for that gelatin isn't so easy. So alas, I am without the mallow :(

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

We just opened the 2nd box last night--just as good, even after a couple weeks in the fridge!

Can't recommend 'em enough!!