Food, Finds, and Weekend Exploits

Good Monday morning!

Green Pop is up over at Poppytalk Handmade. Miss Jan/Poppytalk (and her Mr Earl) have really outdone themselves. . . check out all the fabulous vendors. Beware! It may take a while! There are nearly 100 participants, and with the level of competition to get in you're insured
they're. all. so. good!

As for the weekend, C is working on a small wooden sailboat, and with all this rain we've gotten over the past couple days, it's probably a good thing; at least we have a back up plan if NC starts floating away. Me, I'm spending my time between lazy couching, and a bit of cooking. My cravings are going nuts (not for anything weird, but maybe weird for a vegetarian? Fried chicken sounds unbelievably good. Beer battered onion rings? Heavenly. . .) So I'm trying to curb them a bit with healthier fare.

Well, okay, a 3-hour bender making fresh egg noodles probably doesn't count for "healthier" but the vegetarian collards accompanying my Sunday breakfast does, doesn't it?

Easy vegetarian collards sound good? All I do is: Cut out the thick spine, cut the leaves into bite sized pieces, and rinse the collards well. Boil them in veggie broth (I like Rapunzel's No Salt Bouillon) with a dash of hickory smoke flavoring and a dash of a really good quality balsamic vinegar. If you want, you can add garlic and onions, but they aren't necessary.

Also, we watched The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and Happy-Go-Lucky. One is deeply saddening, the other just the opposite. Both were very good in my opinion. C said he didn't really care for Happy-Go-Lucky right after we finished it, but then the next day wanted to watch it again, so I'm thinking it just takes a little getting used to. It's more about personality and interactions than action, per se, but the contagious quality of the main character's serial optimism can do us all some good.

That about sums it all up! How about you, any fun times outside this weekend? Go ahead and rub my nose in it! Any good recipes for a craver gone wild? I'll take 'em!


Jan Halvarson said...

thanks for the mention Rene! it was hard to not accept these amazing artists! hope you are feeling well!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Yes! they're all so great!
Feeling pretty good these days--taking lots of naps, which I guess is how the next 5 or 6 (or 15?) years will go!