Color seems more important than form to me these days as I plan out the new nursery/studio. Yes, it's really early, but we're going to refinish the floors before we really start moving things around, and this is much more fun to think about than renting a sander. Trust me.

Plus, we've already had inquiries on what our color selection will be, and my (perhaps?) appalling decision: all of them! Actually, the walls will be navy, the rug is the one below (in the teeny tiny swatch), but the rest is up in the air.

I love the broad swatches of gray in 2 recent photos Lena Corwin uploaded to her flickr account (gray jeans with the fluorescent cosmic pattern, and the confetti on pavement), then I remembered this striped rug from Crate and Barrel--the first time I saw it, it was on sale, so I went back to check and this time it was on an even bigger sale, to I snatched it up. The other designs are fabric swatches (Marimekko and 2 from Anna Marie Horner's Drawing Room series), then I went through it all and grabbed little bits of color to make the color blocks.

So there's the rug, a night light from Amy Burhoe, and 2 goccoed block houses from Something's Hiding in Here. Oh! and the Plan Toys xylophone I think is pretty hot. I also like their drum and banjo. Yeah, I don't care if it's a girl or boy, I just hope it gets C's musical genes, cause it sure isn't getting any from my side of the family.

Anyway, with the colors I'll narrow it all down more, I'm sure, but just wanted to share the joys of some gender neutral nursery ideas. How'd you pick your colors? Do you think navy would be a little depressing for a little one?


Erin Lang Norris said...

Oh I love those little houses from S.H.H. :) Their flickr video was the COOOLESST!

I am really gung ho on gender neutral as well. How bright is the room you are painting navy blue? I have to admit that when I read "navy blue", I thought "I hope it's not too dark!" Are all of the walls going to be navy? What color will the ceiling be? I think darker colors tend to get strange looking when they are glossy. Maybe if you are worried about the mood of the room at all, you should gather some navy painted rooms from the various design blogs floating around and see what you think?

okay enough blabbing from my end- i was supposed to be in bed 3 hours ago!

Chocolate and Steel said...

I love the color selections! It's so cheerful and creative.

My son really liked all of the Plan toys. I have a hard time putting his banjo down. And when they get older you should really consider a harmonica. They are really fun (another one I don't like to share).