I was checking back in with Artists Who Blog, and the next interview up is Helen Dardik. Her colorful Alexander Girard-esque illustrations are just what I needed to start the day (with my pitiful pittance of morning caffeine): Bright, Cheery, Inspiring. . .

And the alphabet poster--oh! The alphabet poster! Yes, there are tons of alphabets out there. . .Really gorgeous ones, but doesn't this one add a little something to the repertoire? A little preppy, a little vintage, and it has a yak, people.

For another little bit of the ol' retro infusion. . .pillows! I think making a Charlie + Renee version of Alexander Girard's Madonna (1) would be super cool. Are these out of production? I can't find them for sale anywhere. Some other cushy cool? The log pillow from Norwegian Wood (2); Chakra Pennywhistle's Love me pillow (3); and all of Sukie's cushions(4), but especially these 3.

Can't get enough color and vintage charm? Check out Grain Edit for mod-licious overdose.

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