puttin' my crafty cap on

Last week there were 3 or 4 incredible rocking chairs on Craigslist. This week they're all gone. Whattup Craigslist? Throw the preggie-lady a bone, please! Something with a high back, comfortable design and good lookin' structure. Oh yeah, and make it under $100. I know that's not too much to ask, cause we sure as hell don't get no breaks with this no drinking, minimal coffee business.
Upside? No period for 9 months.
Downside? Hmmm. . . pushing a bowling ball out of my vaj (vag? vage?) hole.
In the meantime, I'm bloating up a bit and wondering what clothes are going to still fit in a couple weeks.
I'm also thinking of all the fun things I can make (and projects, like the yo yo quilt I started 2 years ago, that I should really try and finish) that would be great additions to the growing list of things we'll need.


Jan said...

Funny post Renee! It's all pretty damn freakish - hard to believe this is how mankind has continued to exist for all this time.

Jessie said...

May I recommend, ahem, Sweet Booties (published by Lark) for many of your baby project design needs? I'm still trying to track down my complimentary copy from the publisher so I can give it away on the ol' blog.

Erin Lang Norris said...

HA i love the word vag...vaj? ha, whatever- i was laughing at your use and then when you questioned the spelling too...i said it in front of my dad one day just to make him uncomfortable. i like to do weird things like that sometimes, makes life interesting!

anyway. enjoy your non-perioding vaj area for the next 9 months.

Chocolate and Steel said...

woohoo!! congrats, I just read the good news.
My best advice to get through the next 9 months is to walk a lot and do pregnancy approved yoga (or stretches of some sort). It will help so much with the aches and pains that come when your body is making room for a baby.

I made a mobile for my friend's daughter. Here's a picture of it:

it's time to get crafty