I just ordered 2 camellias for the backyard from Camellia Forrest (2 left images from their website), and 2 sourwood trees from Gardens of the Blue Ridge. Gardens of the Blue Ridge doesn't have a picture of sourwood trees on their site, so a quick search for "sourwood nc" turned up a place called Honeybees-by-the-Sea (image above, far right) in Morehead City, NC. Their practices are incredible, and I did a little write up on them for the IndieNC blog, so look for that soon!

In the meantime, come say hi today on Modish, I'll be Petallin' away!


Anonymous said...

Oh I've been to Camellia Forest! It is such a beautiful little nursery... and the people that run it are just incredibly nice. I bought a Camellia sinensis there in 2005. I haven't tried to harvest any leaves, yet.. but one day. Also, I'm totally jealous of the permaculture course, and I hope to hear about it!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I haven't been there--I don't get to Chapel Hill much, and when I do it's with a specific purpose in mind, but maybe I should plan a trip there!
Hey--when I get my camellias we should have an internet homemade tea party!

You know, there's a nice little native nursery up here in Charlotte--all the plants are $5 (1 gallon and smaller) and $10 (3 gallon). . .in case you ever need to do a little plant shopping!