In just 23 days (but who's counting?) I'll be packing up the Smart and heading down to a farm in Georgia to learn the principles of Permaculture. If you're not familiar with the practice, here's a rundown in the simplest form:
The term itself was coined in the 70s by 2 Australians: Bill Mollison and David Holmgren; the word itself is a meshing of "permanent agriculture" and has evolved into a broader meshing of "permanent culture"; a permaculture design is one that has a perennial base, and is developed further to create a synergistic environment. These principles apply to our approach to the people around us, as well as the plants and the earth.
Perhaps even before the big trip, I might get the chance to start Master Composting training; the big if on that is if there are enough people interested in the evening course.
Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll get into the Master Gardener course, too, but not to get ahead of myself!

There hasn't been a lot of time for drawing lately, been spending a lot of bleary-eyed days in front of the computer, actually. Me and C both updated our computers for Christmas (I got me a computer for your birthday, Jesus!) and mine wasn't as compatible with the older one as we'd hoped. What does that mean? The easy transfer of info from one hard drive to the other can't happen. C is more worried about it than I am. It does have our whole history of art, projects, photos, etc. but I'm pretty keen to the idea of a fresh start and the newness of it all. We'll see how long that novelty lasts, but right now, at this time, new starts are good!

Speaking of new starts, anyone out there ready for tomorrow? They're calling for snow here, which means the weather guy jinxed any chance we have for it, but I'm still hoping for it. I want to stay home and watch the Barack Party on TV. What about you, what sort of new things do you have going on? Ready for something fresh and different?

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Chocolate and Steel said...

I love your note pad.

We are starting the day tomorrow with waffles with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream (red/white/blue)
and then have some nice champagne in the evening.
Of course we will watch the inaugeration too.

best of luck to you!