As much as the new flickr layout still trips me up (I end up missing so many new pictures, grrrr), I found this one thanks to the glaring habit of following of past comments that is now forced upon clicking on over to my flickr homepage.
That's where I saw a comment about some prints I sent to Pikaland by user Lilondra*. I clicked on her name and found this beautiful photo and a whole set of lovely drawings. Peaceful, serene and distilled into quiet beauty. Check 'em out on her blog, too.

If I weren't working so hard these days to pay for an upcoming trip to central Georgia for Permaculture Training and Certification, I'd have a full cart at the local bookstore.
First books in the cart would be:
Do Good Design, Down the Garden Path, The Politics of Aesthetics.

It's always good to stay focused on doing things you believe in. I know that mantra doesn't suit everyone, but it's the one we follow at Chez Sneak, so finding like minded believers keeps both me and Hi-C going strong.

And until I can get the books, or at least find them through the local library, I'll be glued to the Big Ideas for a Small Planet webisodes thanks to the Sundance Channel and digging through these great resources (provided by David Berman).


Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! a fellow permaculture fan. I have a small screage not far from where Permaculture was born. I read Bill Mollison's first book in the early 80's after he had been awarded an "Alternative Nobel Prize". It changed my life. I love your work and will be in touch.

Liliana O. said...

wow!!! thank you very much for this post! i just found it and it was very flattering :-D