Don't laugh at me, but the wedding bug has bit, and as much as I try to shy away from the giggly girly-ness of it all, with my sister's upcoming nuptials, I'm scheming in color.

And last night, out of pure boredom, I started an inspiration board.

That's not the only bug that has bitten me. Spring fever is here and taunting me, so it another little nagging pest I've never met before, so I'm not sure how to swat at it, but I won't dignify it with a name. Let's just call it a big ol' mystery.

This wedding one, though, satisfies so many of my creative urges: drooling over fonts, the linear attributes of invitation design, floral arrangements, textures, colors, fabric weight, heft, and feel . . .shopping.

This morning I emailed my sister with some of my thoughts, and she graciously thanked me, added some exclamation points and generally acted appreciative. I appreciate a little placation every once in a while.

So, dear married friends, what was the funnest part of planning your wedding? What little detail was most memorable? Any great tips for my older-sister-soon-to-be-newlywed?


Erin Lang Norris said...

Heh. What was the most fun part of wedding planning...well, to be frank, I LOVED the wedding planning beeeffooorrre we were engaged and actively planning...you know, when I was looking into outdoor, picnic, fun style weddings. And then we started planning and realized there was nowhere we could get married outdoors within our budget and none of our friends/family had the right sized yard/driveway to host this sort of thing. So that really eliminated pretty much everything we had planned on doing. Dang.

Does your sister have her venue and everything? We really enjoyed getting together with our DJ and picking our music! That was fun!

Our recessional music was by Unit 4+2 and was called "Concrete and Clay"...it was probably the most memorable aspect of the wedding, only because everybody loved it and kept asking who it was! Then they introduced us and the wedding party to "break on through" by the doors. That was fun too. Overall I enjoyed our wedding, but it was SO different from what we had originally envisioned, so it's hard to recall the aspects that I liked!

Best wishes to your sister! When is she getting married?

Jessie said...

I think it would be so much fun to plan a wedding. I still buy all of the Martha Stewart Wedding magazines because the favors are so amazing. But I had a different experience altogether: my parents offered to pay for our wedding, or give us the money instead. And since we were already (ahem) ..."with child" we decided the responsible thing to do was take the money and use it as a down payment on a house. So we got married in a courthouse. No flowers, no favors, no attendants. Except for our sweet Olivia.

Shannon McLaughlin said...

as a weddingbee.com blogger (mrs candy corn), i was absolutely obsessed with wedding planning and loved getting really into all of the crafty projects and pouring my little geeky soul into it to make it 100% "us." my favorite part was definitely the photobooth and having the guests keep one copy and put the other in a scrapbook & sign their name next to it. it was hilarious looking at the scrapbook the next morning and seeing all of the naughty things our crazy relatives and friends wrote for everyone to see.

have fun planning with your sister!