This weekend the sister and I went out bridal gown shopping (for her. Once is enough for me, thanks.)

I did a little work from home while C worked on the coop a little more. I wonder if the girls know how much we're spoiling them? Probably not.

We watched PBS, Roxanne and Pineapple Express. Hopefully the PBS documentaries negated any brain damage the other 2 movies may have caused. Except, well, watching Seth Rogen and Steve Martin can't really be too damaging, can it?

It's time to dive into today's work. Sometime this week we'll have an interview up on Stephanie Levy's blog.

Also, for all you bird lovers out there, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has just opened the applications for their 2009 mini-grants. They encourage the project to involve both art and science, so click on over and see if it sounds interesting to you!

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